This is for those of you who are at a “moment.” It’s almost a crossroads; you know this moment is SIGNIFICANT. You know that in this moment, God has put you in a position to ACT. You know what God wants you to do, but your intellect is almost telling you to do something else. I just want to encourage you that there have been instances where I know that God has brought me to a particular place at a particular time to do a very particular thing.


What we don’t want to do is doubt. We don’t want to fall by our fear. We don’t want to not trust God. What we need to do is STEP INTO THAT MOMENT IN FAITH, knowing the reality of what could happen could be bad, but supernaturally it could change peoples’ lives!!!


In Isaiah, the Lord looks down and Isaiah hears the Lord talking, “Who will go? Who shall I send?” Isaiah, the great prophet, replies, “HERE I AM, SEND ME.” His mindset was not on what could happen, it was on what God was saying! He faced a moment where he knew that stepping forward in faith would be hard, it would be scary. He also knew that stepping back would give him a FAITHLESS life. His response to the Lord was, “Here I am, send me.”


Rahab had a moment where she could have chosen self to self-preserve and self-protect. She was faced with a moment, and SHE STEPPED FORWARD IN FAITH!!! Gideon had a moment where the Lord came to him and said, “I want to use you to fight the Midianites!” Gideon could have said, “No,” but he stepped into the moment in faith. God defeated the Midianites with 300 men.


Are you facing a MOMENT? I want to be your cheerleader here; I know what it feels like, because I am living a moment. You do what God says! You FORGE FORWARD IN FAITH even though you don’t know how it’s going to turn out!! SEIZE that moment!!! Don’t let that fear seize you. You own that thing. You let God do what He is good at. HE IS GOOD AT BEING GOD!!! You put your FULL TRUST IN HIM!! You will see what He will do! Own your moment. Step into your moment.


I love you guys and hope this encourages you today!