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The Power of Position

Fighting the battle, is it ours?  Far to often we look at battles and think it is our responsibility to fight it. We give it ALL we have and hope for the best, most of the time failing, or barely coming out victorious.  There is a reason for this, the battle is NOT ours, its […]

Blessings of obedience 

In today’s world, most of all look for success. We want that. We want to succeed, we want to be blesses, right? The main thing we need to realize about success and being blessed, if that this world has nothing to offer apart from the power of God. Nothing.   I want God to look at my […]

Answered Prayer

Has God answered your prayer? Did you cry out to the Lord and He moved you? Has he moved you into a better, new, free place? But have you found out that this place comes with challenges? Have you waited for children and now you know the WORK behind them?Did you want to start your […]