This is for those of you today who know you need to change. You just know you need to change something; maybe God has revealed it, maybe someone has told you and it has resonated with you, you might have even fought them, you might have been offended when they told you, but internally you know they are actually right. This is for you. You need to change, but you haven’t. 

Your word of the day today is DECIDE. Make a decision to change. Make a decision to believe. Make a decision to make a step in the right direction. Hasn’t it been long enough? Decide, decide, decide RIGHT NOW to change!!

In Numbers 13, Moses sent 12 spies into the Promised Land to go scope it out. God said, “Go take the Promised Land; go take it. I’m giving you the victory; it’s yours.” The people freaked out. So, the Lord said to go send 12 spies into the Promised Land. When the spies got to the Promised Land, it was exactly as God said.

Numbers 13:27-33

27 And they told him, “We came to the land to which you sent us. It flows with milk and honey, and this is its fruit. 28 However, the people who dwell in the land are strong, and the cities are fortified and very large. And besides, we saw the descendants of Anak there. 29 The Amalekites dwell in the land of the Negeb. The Hittites, the Jebusites, and the Amorites dwell in the hill country. And the Canaanites dwell by the sea, and along the Jordan.” 30 But Caleb quieted the people before Moses and said, “Let us go up at once and occupy it, for we are well able to overcome it.” 31 Then the men who had gone up with him said, “We are not able to go up against the people, for they are stronger than we are.” 32 So they brought to the people of Israel a bad report of the land that they had spied out, saying, “The land, through which we have gone to spy it out, is a land that devours its inhabitants, and all the people that we saw in it are of great height. 33 And there we saw the Nephilim (the sons of Anak, who come from the Nephilim), and we seemed to ourselves like grasshoppers, and so we seemed to them.”

I want to tell you what actually happened to the people with a negative report, which isn’t preached about a lot. 

Numbers 14:36-37

36And the men whom Moses sent to spy out the land, who returned and made all the congregation grumble against him by bringing up a bad report about the land— 37 the men who brought up a bad report of the land—died by plague before the Lord.

But, Caleb had a different outcome as a result of his following and believing the Lord.

Numbers 14:24 

24 But my servant Caleb, because he has a different spirit and has followed me fully, I will bring into the land into which he went, and his descendants shall possess it.

Twelve spies went into the land and they both saw the same thing. Whatever you’re dealing with today, there is someone else who has walked in your shoes!!! Ecclesiastes 1:9 says, 9What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” There is someone else who has dealt with it; there is someone else who has beat it, chosen to change, and RECEIVED THEIR PROMISE. I personally have gone through a lot of things, and there was a moment when I could stay with the perspective of, “Oh, yeah we could go take the land, but I’m going to be defeated; there are a lot of obstacles there; there are a lot of monsters there.” OR, I could decide to OVERCOME it and have Caleb’s perspective. Yes, there is an obstacle, but we are going to go take it; we are going to go take the land!!

There are two different approaches to victory. One is: “I’m scared, let’s not do it. It’s too hard; it’s too challenging.” The other one is: “We can totally do it with the Lord’s help!!!” What’s the difference? A DECISION. 

Caleb and Joshua saw exactly what everyone else saw. They saw the giants; they saw the fortified cities; they saw the obstacles. They saw the issues, problems, and potential harm that could happen to them. Yet, Caleb and Joshua made a decision to believe that God was going to help them; He was going to walk through the Promised Land with them. He was going to help them defeat all of those issues. The other 10 decided to live defeated. Joshua and Caleb did enter the Promised Land, it was 40 years later, but they did enter it. The ten other spies that came back with a bad report perished by a plague because of their decision not to do what God said. 

When it comes to us claiming victory, claiming a “Promise Land,” we can stay defeated like those 10 spies and live a defeated life, a life with never seeing what has been promised to us, never seeing our potential. When we stay defeated, defeat becomes our god!!! Or, you can choose and make a decision to believe that God will walk you through the obstacles in the Promised Land to help you overcome it!!!! I am personally challenged by this and it ministers to me, because several years ago I had to make a decision. Am I going to stay defeated in this defeatist mentality where I have 1,000 excuses not to change, and they are pretty valid excuses not to change, and live a life defeated where I am the victim? OR, am I going to choose to believe that, YES, victory is there FOR ME; it’s going to be hard, BUT GOD called me to VICTORY, and He is going to walk with me through the different battles I am going to have to fight?! Who do you want to be? A defeated 10 spy, or a successful 2 spy? They saw the same things, but Joshua and Caleb decided to believe; THEY DECIDED TO CHOOSE VICTORY; they decided, even though there were obstacles, to believe what God said. It’s time for you to DECIDE. 

I love you guys! I hope this challenged you today and encouraged you to change; if it did, send me a message! 


You didn’t get the promotion…you are getting a divorce…you are dealing with bankruptcy…you are facing some type of defeat.


A lot of times in Scripture, victory was wearing defeat’s tee-shirt. VICTORY looked like DEFEAT, and the defeat had to happen in order to gain something BIGGER, GREATER, AND BETTER!!! Either God is going to win in your life or Satan is. There are two sides to this fight that we face. You can go through a defeat and listen to the lies of the enemy and find yourself defeated, because you’ve listened and believed that you’re never going to be anything: “Well that was my one opportunity, and now it’s gone // Well I found my identity in that relationship, and now it’s over…” You can go through defeat, listen to the enemy, and be defeated OR you can go through defeat believing what God says is true: that HE WILL MAKE EVERYTHING WORK TOGETHER FOR THE GOOD OF THOSE WHO ARE CALLED ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSES!!!!!


2 Kings 4:1

1The wife of a man from the company of the prophets cried out to Elisha, “Your servant my husband is dead, and you know that he revered the Lord. But now his creditor is coming to take my two boys as his slaves.”

She is telling the prophet of God, “Listen, my husband died, the creditors are banging on my door and I can’t pay the bills, they are going to take my children and get their money’s worth out of them as slaves because we can’t pay.”


DEFEAT. She was facing major DEFEAT. The most utmost of defeat. Elisha, the prophet of God, said to her:


2Elisha replied to her, “How can I help you? Tell me, what do you have in your house?”

“Your servant has nothing there at all,” she said, “except a small jar of olive oil.”


She was defeated, but she had SOMETHING!!


3Elisha said, “Go around and ask all your neighbors for empty jars. Don’t ask for just a few. 4Then go inside and shut the door behind you and your sons. Pour oil into all the jars, and as each is filled, put it to one side.”


So she believed in what the prophet was telling her. She ACTED upon the belief that the prophet of God was going to give her VICTORY while facing defeat.


5She left him and shut the door behind her and her sons. They brought the jars to her and she kept pouring. 6When all the jars were full, she said to her son, “Bring me another one.” But he replied, “There is not a jar left.” Then the oil stopped flowing. 7She went and told the man of God, and he said, “Go, sell the oil and pay your debts. You and your sons can live on what is left.”


She could have allowed the creditors to take her sons and live a defeated life for the rest of her life. But she approached the prophet of God and said, “I’ve got this problem, you need to help me, you need to bring victory from it.” And HE DID.


I wonder how many of you are facing defeat today, and it is very, very REAL. You can go through defeat, Satan can win, and you can be defeated OR you can go through defeat believing that God will actually PRODUCE SOMETHING out of the defeat. Hello, look at Jesus who allowed Himself to be crucified – it looked like defeat, but HE ROSE FROM THE DEAD!!!!! Don’t let your defeat defeat you. Stand in the face of whatever it is that is coming at you and defeating you, and take it to the LORD, not your friends. TAKE IT DIRECTLY TO THE LORD. Say, “Lord this is not my problem, I surrender it to you because You have PROMISED ME VICTORY; You have to make something good come out of it, because I am called according to Your purpose!!!!”


I wonder how many of you are facing this and not believing what the Word of God says, but believing what the enemy is saying. I wonder how many are walking around facing defeat defeated, rather than facing defeat believing that God WILL BRING VICTORY out of it, believing that there is a RESURRECTION, believing that there is something GREATER!!!! Sometimes victory will wear defeat’s tee-shirt; it will disguise itself and we have to push through what we see with our eyes, and believe that GOD IS WORKING ON OUR BEHALF!!!!


I know from my first marriage what defeat feels like; I was facing defeat from everyone that was coming against me. I REFUSED TO ACCEPT DEFEAT!!! I REFUSED TO CAVE TO THE DEFEAT!!! I refused to operate under what other people said. I chose to believe that God was going to turn it out for HIS GLORY and for HIS PURPOSES because I WAS CALLED according to His purpose, and so are YOU!!!!


Don’t let defeat defeat you!!!! Let defeat give way to VICTORY for you!!!!


I love you guys // hope this encourages you today.

Daybreak is Coming

This is for you who are struggling with crazy, crazy fear, and you have been struggling with some fear for a long time – any type of fear: fear of a vision, fear of a direction, fear of the unknown, just fear in general, fear of something you think is going to happen but it’s not going to happen. This is for YOU. I am telling you that God wants you to WRESTLE IT OUT WITH HIM, and He wants you to have VICTORY over this fear in your life, because He wants you to know that He has taken care of whatever it is that you are afraid of!!!

I’m in Genesis chapter 32 (it has a super long back story // to condense it very, very much: Jacob had a brother named Esau. Esau was the firstborn. Jacob stole Esau’s birthright. That made Esau very angry and he said, “I’m going to kill Jacob, because he stole my birthright.” That was the last that Jacob had heard from Esau until this portion of the story.) Esau comes to Jacob’s servant and says, “I’m coming for Jacob with 400 men. (Now, this is years after Jacob stole the birthright, but he was still TERRIFIED that Esau was going to kill him. So this is what he did:


22 That night Jacob got up and took his two wives, his two female servants and his eleven sons and crossed the ford of the Jabbok. 23 After he had sent them across the stream, he sent over all his possessions. 24 So Jacob was left alone,


Sometimes God needs to get you 100% COMPLETELY ALONE, and He wants you to WRESTLE SOMETHING OUT WITH HIM IN PRAYER!!!


This fear that you’ve been facing for so long, and you’ve been worried about it for so long, and it’s been paralyzing you for so long – God wants you to get alone and He wants you to WORK and GRAPPLE and WRESTLE it out with Him!! This is why I know that:


24 band a man wrestled with him till daybreak. 25 When the man saw that he could not overpower him, he touched the socket of Jacob’s hip so that his hip was wrenched as he wrestled with the man. 26 Then the man said, “Let me go, for it is daybreak.”

But Jacob replied, “I will not let you go unless you bless me.”

27 The man asked him, “What is your name?”

“Jacob,” he answered.

28 Then the man said, “Your name will no longer be Jacob, but Israel, because you have struggled with God and with humans and have overcome.”

Listen, listen, listen to me right here. I’ve read this passage 4 million times (well, not really, but it feels like that many).


24Then Jacob was left alone and a man wrestled with him till daybreak.


We know from the passage that IT WAS GOD that he wrestled with. God decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, Jacob. This FEAR and DISTRUST in God that you’ve been carrying all these years is enough – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. So when Jacob got himself alone, the Lord appeared to him, basically picked a fight with him, and they went round and round and round; they wrestled all night long. But, this is what happens in the story (which is unbelievable): When He, the man, (we know it was God because an upcoming verse is about to tell us) saw that He had not prevailed against him, when He saw that there was some BREAKTHROUGH in Jacob with this fear, when He saw that there was something in Jacob that had SHIFTED, He touched the socket of his thigh and it was dislocated. He said,


26“Let me go, for dawn is breaking.”

But Jacob replied, “I will not let you go unless you bless me.”


We know from the story that Jacob suffered from fear for SO LONG – his greatest fear was that his brother, Esau, would kill him; Esau was CHASING AFTER HIM. God saw that specific fear as an OPPORTUNITY to step in and say “Enough is enough, I want you to WRESTLE THIS OUT WITH ME!!! I want to go round and round with you until I see that there is a BREAKTHROUGH in you. I want to know that you actually, for the first time, will TRUST ME; that you PUT YOUR TRUST IN ME AND NOT IN YOUR FEAR!!!!!  I want you to SILENCE ALL THIS FEAR about your brother, Esau, because I AM BIGGER than that!!” Then He (GOD) says,

26Let me go, for dawn is breaking.


Something BROKE THROUGH that night because of the WRESTLE!!!!! Then God BLESSES Jacob and,


30Jacob called the place Peniel, saying, “It is because I saw God face to face, and yet my life was spared.”


I want to just talk very straight with you, because I’m OBSESSED with this! I believe that we ALLOW OURSELVES to be in fear and anxiety over whatever we are afraid or anxious of. We can tarry, tarry, tarry in this fear and anxiety and this absolute ridiculousness for WAY TOO LONG. Then, GOD STEPS IN and we are CONFRONTED WITH THAT FEAR right then, right now!!! God steps in when we are confronted with our fear!! Maybe something has happened: maybe there’s a shift in your job, maybe there is a shift in your finances, maybe there’s a shift in your health. It’s when we are confronted with that fear, just like Jacob was, that God steps in and says, “I’m about to DO SOMETHING GREAT, but are you going to TRUST me BEFORE I do that? I want to wrestle this out with you!! I want you to know that I AM GOD, and even though I can OVERPOWER you, I am going to hang WITH YOU.”


The only thing that God did to Jacob was touch his hip. God did this so that Jacob could see that He had the power to overpower him, but He didn’t. The wrestling was just enough. The pressure was JUST ENOUGH for there to be a BREAKTHROUGH in Jacob.


Chapter 33 – 1Jacob looked up and there was Esau, coming with his four hundred men; so he divided the children among Leah, Rachel and the two female servants. 2He put the female servants and their children in front, Leah and her children next, and Rachel and Joseph in the rear. 3He himself went on ahead and bowed down to the ground seven times as he approached his brother. 4But Esau ran to meet Jacob and embraced him; he threw his arms around his neck and kissed him. And they wept.


The VERY THING that Jacob was scared of for so many years DIDN’T EVEN HAPPEN!!! It didn’t even happen. It was fear for NOTHING!!!!!! God ANSWERED HIS PRAYER!!!! Jacob had to WRESTLE IT OUT with the Lord BEFORE he saw the answer to it.


What is absolutely terrifying YOU? What have you been scared of for TOO LONG? For too many years, you’ve felt this sense of DOOM about something. God is done with you being so fearful about that thing!!! A man wrestled with him until daybreak. I believe that God is saying, “Listen, I want to pick a fight with you a little bit. I want you to tell me how you’re feeling. I want you to wrestle this thing out with me. I want to show you in Scripture how much I LOVE YOU, how much I’M THERE FOR YOU, how FAITHFUL I am, how WONDERFUL I am!!! If you just BRING IT TO ME and wrestle it out with me, tomorrow when daybreak comes, your VICTORY is going to come as well.”




Wrestle it out, because DAYBREAK IS COMING!!!! Jacob did it, and he was FREED FROM HIS FEAR!!! I know that God wants that for YOU too.


I hope this encourages your heart. I hope there is a call to action: wrestle that thing out with the Lord; tell Him how you’re feeling, tell Him how frustrated you are. Be RAW with God!! Forget “religion” in the way you approach God. APPROACH HIM RAW with AUTHENTICITY, knowing that He is a God that can handle your fear!!!!!!! Know that there is NO FEAR IN LOVE, but PERFECT LOVE CASTS OUT FEAR!!!! He is waiting to give you daybreak in your life!!


Love you guys.




One of the things that I have seen happen so much is that there are people walking around and enjoying life, but then all of a sudden they get hurt. They can’t seem to BREAK FREE from that hurt they get stuck right there in that hurt. That hurt turns to ANGER, RAGE, AND BITTERNESS. They wake up and realize they have been STUCK in this hurt for 10, 15, 20 years.


There are also people that are walking around in their life and everything is fine and then there is a trial of some sort that is hard. Yes, it is difficult // it presses you // you have to EXERCISE FAITH, but some of the mentalities of the trial stick with you. Maybe the frustration is “why did God let this happen; why did this have to happen to me? God, what are you doing?” There is a remnant of negativity or lack of faith or doubt that you get stuck in because you experience that trial. I’m not belittling your trial!!! There are some INCREDIBLY difficult things that God has asked people to walk through. For some of you, it may be a relationship and you thought he was the one, he promised you the world, and then all of a sudden he’s gone and you’re stuck on this person // STUCK on this hope of something happening // you get stuck right there and you get caught in a mentality that you just can’t break free from.




I want you to OPEN YOUR EYES to the fact that this is one situation. God wants you to move through your life FORGIVING, FINDING FREEDOM, and EXERCISING FAITH!!!! If Satan can’t get you to sin, he will get you stuck somewhere in a place where you just can’t seem to BREAK FREE. His job is to get you in BONDAGE. Jesus said that He came to set the captives FREE!!!


Joseph was one of the children of Jacob, the beloved one with the multi-colored coat. His brothers hated him because of a dream he had, stripped him of his coat, threw him in a ditch, and left him for dead. Joseph could’ve gotten stuck right there. He could’ve gotten stuck in that bitterness. BUT GOD was the one governing Joseph’s life, NOT HIS EMOTIONS!!!! Sometimes we allow our emotions and mindsets to govern our lives, not the Lord. God was governing!!! People came and bought him as a slave in Egypt. The Lord ended up giving him major favor. He ended up working for Potiphar, whose wife falsely accused him of making sexual advancements towards her. Potiphar believed his wife and threw Joseph in jail. He could’ve gotten STUCK right there in jail. He helped a couple of buddies in jail, and said “Please remember me when you go before Pharaoh, because I interpreted your dreams.” They forgot him. He could’ve gotten stuck, BUT GOD was governing Joseph’s life, not Joseph’s emotions. Because he knew that God was governing his life, not his own emotions, it allowed him move through his life with FORGIVENESS, with an understanding that SOMETHING GREATER was at work!!!

We come to the end of Genesis, chapter 50, and we see that Joseph has been made (because he was able to interpret Pharaoh’s dream) second-in-command of all of Egypt. He was given the power to execute his brothers or forgive them. He chose to forgive them. He was able to forgive them because he didn’t get stuck.


After all the horrible things that his brothers said to him, there was a moment of FORGIVENESS and RECONCILIATION.


18 His brothers then came and threw themselves down before him. “We are your slaves,” they said.


It’s AMAZING how God will govern a life when He is ALLOWED to govern it!!! He SEES what you’ve gone through. He sees what’s been done to you. He WILL bring you something MIND-BLOWING out of it!!!!!


19 But Joseph said to them, “Don’t be afraid. Am I in the place of God? 20 You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. 21 So then, don’t be afraid. I will provide for you and your children.” And he reassured them and spoke kindly to them.


His brothers had done him so, so wrong. As you go through your life, people will do you so, so wrong. People will betray you // lie about you // hurt you // say bad things about you // leave you.

Joseph’s response was very telling on where his mind was. He knew he COULDN’T GET STUCK, because GOD WAS GOVERNING his WHOLE LIFE – not just the one moment, not just the one trial. God was governing his ENTIRE LIFE. At that point, he was able to say “You meant it for evil, but I didn’t get stuck in that evil, because I knew that God was going to use it for GOOD.”


Joseph basically saved so many people because GOD GOVERNED HIS LIFE!!!


I want those of you who feel stuck // you just can’t get past it // you just can’t get over it to understand that if you’ve faced a trial, if you are currently facing a trial, if you’ve gone through a heartbreak, if you’ve gone through betrayal, if you’ve gone through any of that: PLEASE DON’T GET STUCK THERE!!!!! Your emotions will SUFFOCATE the life that God wants to give YOU!!! He is governing your life. HE SEES. He wants to give you a Joseph’s end result. You have to TRUST HIM. Move past whatever it is you’re dealing with or you’re stuck on, and believe that God WILL bring something great from it!!!