Personal connections and strong community are a necessity in a healthy church! | The Autumn Miles Show

This week we are focusing on honoring pastors and their perspective on The Church today. Pastor Gabe and Monica Ahn join the show talking about the importance of community and mentorship in their church.

God has called The Church to unity and not division | The Autumn Miles Show

This week we are focusing on the inside perspective of The Church from Pastors all over America! Listen in today as we talk to Pastor Robert Racoma of City Reach Church in NYC, about his unique perspective of The Church, and the unity that our communities are desperate for from our churches. 

The perspective of the state of The Church today, from a church planting Pastor from Detroit, MI | The Autumn Miles Show

This week on The Autumn Miles Show we are honoring Pastors from all over America! Today on the show we have the honor of hearing the unique perspective of Travis Whittaker, who is a church planting Pastor in Detroit, MI. Listen in as he talks about the issues and triumphs he sees in the church today. 

God challenges us to not avoid our broken heart but to seek Him to make us whole | The Autumn Miles Show

Christa Black Gifford joins the show, talking about her new book, Heart Made Whole and how much God taught her, as He so lovingly healed her broken heart.