God has called you to walk in greatness! | The Autumn Miles Show

We have part 1 of our shows with our powerful guest, Anna McCoy talking about how she always knew God destined her for greatness, and how walking in greatness is God’s plan for all of us! 

Perfectionism and comparison are detrimental to God’s purpose for us! | The Autumn Miles Show

Guest Kathy Gray is on the show talking about how God in His rich mercy allowed her perfectionism to reach an end, and how it was there that He revealed His purpose for her life.

Special Guest Lisa Kratz Thomas talking about how she overcame the lies of Satan! | The Autumn Miles Show

Special guest, Lisa Kratz Thomas joins The Autumn Miles Show talking about how God showed her that her life had value and purpose, and satan’s lies had no power over her! 

Come hell or high water – Nothing will stop me (part 2) | The Autumn Miles Show

Listen here to part two of a powerful message from Autumn Miles on the story of Jeroboam, found in 1 Kings.