Hello my beauties!

Today I got a topic that we got to talk about!  I am not gonna throw anyone under the bus, so hang with me.


We have responsibility girls to not walk around half naked.  Case and point, I was at Six Flags the other day.  I was having a ball with our great friends and my amazing husband, they decided to ride a ride that I most definitely would puke on so I waited outside, and was people watching.  I was sitting at a table and just checking out all the crazy wonderful people that God has sprinkled our earth with, when a junior group of girls came and stopped right by where I was sitting.  I love to watch junior high students do their thing. If you are in junior high you bring me and my husband many great stories, and many laughter filled conversations.  You are awesome!  Anyway, I was listening to their conversation when I looked at one of the girls with her back to me, I could see her butt.  This girls shorts were so short that her BUTT was hanging out.  Like literally her two cheeks were saying “HI” to everyone around her.  I sat their and thought, “What should I do?”  I was thinking about grabbing the nearest beach towel and throwing it at her, or blinding all the eyes of the men their just to make sure they weren’t staring at a 12 year olds butt.  I also thought I could go back in time to that morning and appear in one of her dreams telling her her shorts were TOOOOOO short.  BUT ALAS, all I could do was sit their and be so sad for her.  She has bought the lie that any attention is good attention.  Did this sweet girl realize that men that day no doubt made her an object in their minds?  Did she know that what she chose to wear that day said so much about what she looked like on the inside?  Did she know that the kind of guy she is looking for will not be attracted to her wearing what she was wearing?  My mind began to wonder. And wonder. And wonder. How we dress girls says so much about us!  Our personalities, or morals, our insecurities are all wrapped up in what we choose to put on our bodies.  When I see you, I can tell a lot about you just by what you have on.


I was thinking about the passage in Proverbs 31:25.  This is talking about a virtuous woman in the Bible, and it says, “Strength and dignity are her clothing.”  Unfortunately today it looks like we are wearing something like insecurity and dishonor instead of strength and dignity.  What do you want people to say about you by what you wear?  If you dress like a prostitute people are going to notice but they won’t be saying nice things.  You might attract a million or so hormonal boys, but you WILL not attract an amazing man.  How do you want to be viewed?  What do you want to be known as?  Your responsibility is also your decision.


Now………….I am NOT saying you need to wear skirts down to your ankles or turtlenecks AT ALL.  I don’t even come close to doing that, but be aware of what you put on your body sweet girl, because it SPEAKS!