Life is not disposable because it has God given value. | The Autumn Miles Show

Co- Author of, Light in Our Darkness, Kathy Gray is on the show talking about how God has a value and purpose for every life! 

Missionary from Kenya is on the show talking about her ministry Made to Thrive | The Autumn Miles Show

Rosemary Davis is a guest on the show talking about her missionary ministry that was started out of her faith in God’s support and provision for her life when she lost everything.

Focusing on God in your personal life provides strong foundation for your family | The Autumn Miles Show

Guest Paul Carey joins the show with his perspective on fatherhood filled with wisdom and experience talking about the foundational steps to leading a godly family. 

Infertility from the perfective of a man who desires to be a Father | The Autumn Miles Show

Chad Homesley is on the show sharing his journey and perspective of fatherhood as a husband who is struggling with infertility with his wife.