A Challenge To You To Be Tenacious | The Autumn Miles Show

Today on the Autumn Miles Show we talk about tenacity! Satan is tenacious! Therefore it is crucial we are tenacious about the things of the Lord! Step back and take a look at the things you ought to be intentional about. 

Fear Is The Kryptonite Of Faith | The Autumn Miles Show

Faith is my favorite thing to talk about! Take a few minutes to get cozy and listen to this episode. God is exactly who He says He is and God does exactly what He says He is going to do. 

MMA Fighter continues to share his incredible Testimony | The Autumn Miles Show

Justin Wren continues to share his story of running from religion and into the loving arms of Christ! 

Professional Mixed Marshal Arts Fighter shares impactful testimony | The Autumn Miles Show

Join us today we have Justin Wren on the show sharing his amazing story of God’s love and redemption over his life!