Parents need to be aware of the bullying that goes on in all grade levels of school | The Autumn Miles Show

Grace Miles joins the show, giving us an inside look on the bullying that goes on in schools, and the best way from her perspective as a junior high student, that parents should be addressing this issue to both the bully and the child being bullied.

God has given us the gift of laughter! | The Autumn Miles Show

Today on The Autumn Miles Show we have Brad, from Fishsticks Comedy Improve, talking about how God can use improve as a tool for the gospel!

Racial injustice is a problem, and we know the love of Jesus Christ to be the answer! | The Autumn Miles Show

Here on The Autumn Miles Show we are dialoging about the recent issues of racism in our country and the saving love and hope we have in Jesus, with our guest Rev. Michel Faulkner, candidate for New York City Mayor.

Perfectionism and comparison are detrimental to God’s purpose for us! | The Autumn Miles Show

Guest Kathy Gray is on the show talking about how God in His rich mercy allowed her perfectionism to reach an end, and how it was there that He revealed His purpose for her life.