What’s your attitude toward church????

I ask you this, what is your attitude toward church?


There I sat in my favorite Dallas nail salon desperately craving the filing and polishing that were happening to all twenty of my digits, when I began to overhear a conversation about church. Of course being very interested in the topic, I couldn’t help but do a little eavesdropping. I sat amazed by the attitude toward the topic. There was an older mother that was the instigator of the dialogue, and she was speaking to a younger, 20 something woman. The older asked the younger if she was going to attend church on Sunday. The younger sighed and said her husband was trying to get her to go. Shortly after the sigh she added, “I guess I’ll go.” I sat there engrossed in that thought. I repeated that phrase in my mind over and over. My mind wondered from the conversation and I began thinking, when all of a sudden I heard from the older lady, “you should go, at least you’ll be able to break bread.” “Break bread,” what the heck is that all about. In the context of the conversation, the older woman was insinuating that she could punch her church card. I was stunned. I wasn’t stunned that this happens every week, but that this woman had the gaul to say it out loudly in a public place where many people were sitting silently listening.


I have to tell you, I began to get mad. I was mad at so many things…..

One of many was the attitude toward the institution, church was designed to be a place where we encourage each other in the faith, and tell each other things that God has done in our lives to uplift the body of Christ. The second was the idea of going to punch a church card, and to get the deed over with for the week. If you are going to say you went, why are you going? Has church become a such a glorified country club, that we don’t even go because we want too? Another attitude that was presented with the conversation, was a “what’s in it for me” mentality. The younger woman wasn’t even going to go to church, but the older said that their was going to be a carnival of sorts for her children. It was only then that the younger woman decided to attend. Whatever happened sweet, beautiful women to going and SERVING?????? Are we so consumed with what the church can provide for us that we won’t even go unless they have a circus for our children, or (dare I say) a circus for us?


I began to grieve. I beg you to evaluate your hearts toward church. Attend a church that isn’t stale, and doesn’t breed this idea that God is some shape or form is boring. Attend a church sweet ladies, that doesn’t do everything for you. How are we going to serve the way Jesus served us if everything is handed to us. Church isn’t supposed to be entertainment, that what a theater is for, NOT A CHURCH. You have been given a spiritual gift that the body of Christ needs. There is a ministry at the church that you attend that needs your help, they need the gift that God has given you. It is so fulfilling to serve other people!


Lastly, sweet woman, is that God is worth learning more about. He is the most amazing, wonderful, caring, faithful Father you could ever imagine. Church is not about us, it’s about going deeper with Him.

Just some thoughts

I saw one of the most beautiful sights I have seen in a long time last week.. My family and I were on our way to childrens camp at our church to spend the day with them, and we stopped at Chillis for some yummy lunch. The waiter approached our table and almost without realizing it I was staring at the table just a few tables over. When asked what I wanted to drink I quickly answered and let Eddie deal with the kiddos as I watched a table of 6 grown men praying. They were all ages; a couple no doubt was a few years my junior, but the rest scattered in ages had their heads bowed in a moment with our God. I sat and thought what an incredible sight. I have seen families pray many, many times, but a table of 6 grown men was something special. I sat and thought about the sight I was beholding thinking, “Why God, do I not see more of this?


I was going to blog about something totally different today, but after my quiet time I couldn’t shake this sight. I read today of King Hezekiah in 2 kings 19. The short version is the King of Assyria was basically bullying him, and Gods people. He was telling them not to believe King Hezekiah. So what did Hezekiah do?????????? He got on his face and prayed. He acknowledged that God is the ONLY TRUE GOD, and asked for God deliverance.. 2 Kings 19:20b says, because you have prayed to Me about Sennacherib King of Assyria, I have heard you. Not only did God hear him, God destroyed 185,000 Assyrians, and the King died in his own land.


There is so much power sweet one, when we bow the knee. I have prayed the craziest prayers, and God in His goodness hears, and acts. We must get back to bowing our knees, humbling ourselves, and asking God to move.. Our country needs it. Our families need it. Our marriages need it. Our kids need it. Our future depends on it. If you find yourself in a huge battle that looks hopeless for you commit to praying and often, until you see the Mighty hand of God in your circumstance.


God is waiting for you sweet one. Talk to Him.


I will never forget the night.  It was a spring night, nice outside, but cold as ice inside the conference room where the meeting was held.  There I sat with a group of men in a meeting that for sure was going to be remembered by my feeble mind forever.  Words flew like swords at me.  I sat.  I was speechless.  Every time someone else took a turn I began to fidget, knowing the possibility of the things coming from his mouth would deteriorate my spirit even more.  Lots of things were said that night, but the one line I will never forget was, “Autumn, if you do this, God will never use you.”  That phrase lingers in my mind some 10 years after the incident.  I sit today confident that that man was utterly and completely mistaken.  He has no idea that regularly that phrase has entered my mind.  He chose to speak for the Almighty God, and God can speak for Himself.  I left the meeting shredded in my spirit by men, but strengthened by my God Who had led me to that very meeting.


WORDS…………..The weight we carry we do not comprehend.  They have the power to change life, encourage, strengthen, but they also have the same power to steal joy, kill spirits, and destroy the innocent.  They can single handedly give you favor even honor, and the next breath take it all away.  If you have read the Proverbs at all you will know it is saturated with scripture referring to the mouth. Proverbs 6:2 says it like this, “You are snared by the words of your mouth; you are taken by the words of your mouth.” Or maybe we resonate better with Proverbs 8:8 which says, “All the words of my mouth are with righteousness.” Or just maybe this one found in Proverbs 10:32, “The lips of the righteous know what is acceptable, but the mouth of the wicked what is perverse.” Proverbs 21:23 is also a great one that says simply this,” Whoever guards his mouth and tongue keeps his soul from troubles.” (I like to use this jewel when counseling teen girls!)


Thinking of that spring night in that meeting all these verses come to mind, could he not have simply refrained from speaking.  I tell you this because we have some major diarrhea of the mouth going on.  I cannot believe when people come seeking advice, most of their hurts are caused by what someone has said to them, or about them.  In a culture where we have this “get over it” mentality, and sarcasm is the norm in almost every mouth, we have forgotten the damage that comes from being frivolous with one of the most valuable tools God has given us, our mouth.  The old adage, “Think before you speak” is actually brilliant advice and scriptural.  We as women need to get back to seeing others as God sees them.


I have saved my favorite proverb for last.  Proverbs 18:21 says, “Life and death are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit.”


I have mouth problems too, it used to be a HUGE problem of mine, and I loved to zing people with just the right phrase at the right time.  But now that I know that being involved in the torment of someone else’s mind for possible years is not worth the zing.


Ladies that I love, GUARD YOUR MOUTHS!

Mean Girls

So if you are reading this, I am thinking you are either a teen girl, in charge of a teen girl, or like teen girls.  Well whatever the reason friends, we have a problem.   I just left Lynchburg, VA. I am actually on the plane now, and I was listening to the news and would like to address an teen girl issue.  Now I realize that some of you are totally innocent of what I am about to say, but some of you girls might not be.


When I turned on the TV this morning I heard of a young female high school student that was another victim of a lie.  She bought the lie that it is better to die, than to go to school and face the bullies.


The story is as follows:  The victim was a pretty girl in high school, and she caught the eye of the caption of the football team, and another handsome young man.  She dated them both, and after the breakup she was rebuked by the girls that hated her because of it, and the 2 boys involved who played along with the sick game because no doubt their pride was hurt.  The news made it seemed like it was a pretty rough situation because complaints had been made to the faculty and resulted in no action. The young victim walked home a few days ago with no hope.  She had been called every sick and twisted name in the book.  She had been yelled at publicly, she had been ridiculed for being her.  She went home, while texting a friend that she was done with everything, she hung herself.  She’s gone.  Forever.  The kids involved in the ABUSE face criminal charges.


I sat in the recliner at my sister’s house sick to my stomach.  Where was this beautiful child’s soul that it was so destitute that she felt without help?  My spirit grieved by the story, had to bring a couple of things to light.


First, dear sweet beautiful girls, if this is you there is hope!  Do not buy the lie that there isn’t.  Contact me and I will get you help!  Second, if you think you might be slightly bullying someone, STOP NOW.  You don’t know what the end result could be.

If you know you are a bully, please realize this, what you decide to be at a young age WILL affect you for the rest of your life.  How do you want to be known?  What dear child is the point of making someone else’s life miserable?  You can stop, you can even apologize, and you can become amazing women that are respected for the right reason, not because you are a “mean girl”.


Why am I so passionate about this??????????????  Because we need to stick together as women!  Young women, old women, tall women, short women.  Our God made us all, and we can help each other out.  As a matter of fact we need to help each other out.  Think of what it would be like if we actually stopped this elementary behavior and decided to be women of Worth?  It’s not just the teen that deals with this now, its adults too.


Please, lets do our parts.  We have ONE go around on this earth, what do you want yours to look like?