I must first start off today saying that I am a fan of American Idol. Eddie and I watch it every week, and are inspired by the entire show.  I have learned to love J Lo, and Steven Tyler in a way that I never used too.  It’s been a great season this year, however we were shocked last week to see one of our faves, James, voted off.  We were convinced he would wear the ever coveted American Idol crown.


I watched last week the mentor of the week, Lady GaGa.  What can I say about her other than, she is lost.  Her theatrics of wearing incredibly crazy getup appeals to who??  Shock factor does attract our youth, but why?  What does she really look like anyway?  Don’t you think for once it would be great just to see her real face and hair?  What a chore to constantly feel like you have to act or look like something crazy to be accepted.

I watched her “mentor” the contestants thinking she needed mentoring herself.  Has anyone told her God loves her without all of it?  Unfortunately, money speaks in this world louder than God.  Money is the hierarchy on which this world aspires.  Money talks.


Artist like these are the reason our awesome teens are not content with themselves, or adults for that matter.  They feel like they are not cool unless they do something crazy, or be something that they are not comfortable being to gain the approval of men.


I used to be this person.  I was constantly controlled by what others think of who I am, never being satisfied with who I was. I wore the mask.  Rather than being thankful for what I had been given, I wanted to alter who I was to fit the mold of society.  This action made me completely miserable.  People made fun of me for being prissy growing up (and still do) so I acted like I wasn’t.  People made fun of me for being loud, so I acted like I wasn’t.  I wanted to be conformed to the image of this world.  I had no idea that the problem and the reason I was miserable it that I needed to transform my mind.


Romans 12:2

And do not be conformed to this world, but be TRANSFORMED by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.


There was a moment that I needed to transform my mind.  It took a HUGE action on my part!!  I had the capability, but never used the Holy Spirits power in my life.  I was living a lie because I didn’t choose to live otherwise.  If you are a Christian today, you have the option of being at peace with yourself, and who you are, but allowing God to dominate your mind is the only way.  I think a lot of women that are Christians out there have no idea that even though they are Christians they have to accept themselves by transforming their minds and thinking of themselves like God thinks of them NOT THE INFLUENCES OF THE WORLD.


Are you miserable today?  Are you trying to be something you aren’t?  God has so much more for you than this world or it’s influences could ever offer.  Start today transforming your mind.  Take it day by day.  Memorize Romans 12:2, and see what God will do with you!!

What to do while waiting for your PRINCE!!

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!  Have you ever seen anything like it????  Obsession over the amazing wedding that will be held tomorrow of the most distinguished Prince William and his beauty Katherine.  I have to admit it is very exciting as my little Grace has been so interested in a real Prince and Princess-to-be getting married. She plays princess all the time swooning over her prince and her subjects.  I love to listen to her conversations with the imaginary court.


She is a typical girl.  She may be young, but all of us can relate.  She is waiting for her prince to come.  As we watch in awe of the spectacle that will be tomorrow, I know that many of you who are not married are wondering what it will be like when your William comes along.  I remember after my first marriage wondering the same thing.  When my amazing husband began pursuing me, he had no idea what was going on in my head as our relationship began to grow. I truly believe without a doubt that if God has put a deep-seeded desire for marriage in your heart, it’s just a matter of time until He brings you prince Charming along.


My question to you today is what are you doing while you wait???


Waiting is not easy for any of us.  I believe that it is one way that God chooses to sharpen wisdom in His children.  There is no better way to learn patience than to have to wait for what seems like an eternity for something.


My challenge is short today.  Wait expectantly.  In this time period of waiting for your husband you must prepare for him.  Now is not the time to sit back and get impatient, it is the definite time to work on yourself.  Ladies, when you get married you want to have your “crap” together. You want to know who you are in Christ, you want to be married knowing that Christ is first in your life.  That is what makes the greatest wives.


Proverbs 31:26

She opens her mouth in wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.


You have no idea how much your husband will turn to you for advice, and for comfort.  You will literally become one flesh with Him (Eph. 5:31) and you want to be able to give him a whole woman in Christ.


My husband and I will be married 7 years in just a couple of weeks.  We have seen dark days, days that he needed me, and days that I was desperate for him.  When your husband needs you ladies, it is our responsibility as a help-mate (Gen. 2:18) to him to actually be help.  What wisdom do we offer if we have not sought God for it?  We must in this time of waiting for our Prince, be seeking God and asking Him to prepare us for our mate.


Matthew 6:33

But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.


Allow God to teach you wisdom during this time of waiting, then “all these things will be added unto you.”


Another thing to do while waiting is to PRAY FOR YOUR HUSBAND!!!!!  There is a divine reason why you haven’t met him yet.  You may be too young to marry, you may need to accomplish something before you meet him, you might need to learn something before God allows Him to come along, or YOUR HUSBAND MIGHT NOT BE READY FOR YOU YET.


What better way to start off being a godly wife, but by praying for your husband now.  He right now, might need your prayer.   You don’t know what he is doing or what decisions he is making. Pray for protection for your sweet husband, and that he grows into a godly man to lead you and your children!  He will be the head of your house so he is going to need all the prayer he can get.  Build a foundation of prayer for your marriage, you will not regret it!


The time to prepare is now, when you meet him it’s too late.  Make decisions now that you will be glad you made one day when you walk down that aisle!


Love you my sweet friends.

PROM!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIKES

Proverbs 31:30

Charm is deceitful and beauty if passing, but a woman who fears the Lord she shall be praised.




I feel as if I will make no friends from this post, however, I also feel I need to talk about this popular event….


We, for years and years, have gone crazy over prom.  It is the event that all teen girls/boys wait all their school lives to be involved with.  It is the most exciting and “fun” night of the junior/senior year.  It seems to be a right of passage to all the students attending.  They have waited for years, found a date, and spent multiple hours in the beautification process before the dance actually begins, and walk in the dance hall with high expectations for the evening.


Because of several flight delays from my last speaking engagement, I was able to attend a prom with my sister.  My sister was in charge of the prom as she is a teacher, and had warned me ahead of time that prom is not like it used to be.  I was very intrigued, and couldn’t wait to investigate for myself.


I was assigned to check the Juniors in if there name was A-M.  They came in droves.  We were bombarded for a couple of hours as the couples came in the dance hall.  Some of the couples looked so cute!!  The girls were covered in glitter with their acrylic nails clicking as a symphony of anxiety on my check in table.  The boys were super handsome, as they came in with their women attached to their arms.  They had won the prize, and they beamed with pride.


Before I proceed, let me just say, I am a supporter of a prom with limitations.  My daughter and son will at this point be able to attend, however after what I discovered, Eddie and I will be heavily involved.


I stood there smiling, and making comments with my sister when the first “PROM-TRAUMA” OR PRAUMA WALKED IN THE DOOR.  She was a senior, and had a white gown on.  The way the dress was cut on top, you could basically see everything her mama gave her as she bent over.   Then I began to notice other girls wearing completely backless and skin tight dresses, that over emphasized every sensual part of a young womans body.  No short dresses this year, but completely bare young girls were entering the dance hall in droves.  My ministry eye began to twitch.  I was not in charge of this event.  I was powerless.


NOT ALL GIRLS WERE BARE.  Many were dressed very pretty, however, many were not.


When my check in assignment was complete, I wondered in the ball room.  The DJ was playing some killer tunes, and the kids were all up, and all dancing.  I sat down to observe, and got an eye full.


Lot’s of the kids were having fun.  I remember on particular group that was dancing and laughing and smiling, and having a great time.  If I had a daughter that’s where I would want her.  Unfortunately, that was not the rule it was the exception.  As my eye skimmed to the right, my eye caught a beautiful young girl with a red dress bent over, and her date was “grinding” behind her.  As the night wore on this was the accepted, by the kids, way of dancing.  I went over to my sister and expressed my complete disgust over what was happening, and she had already alerted the DJ to play something a little less sexual, like Miley Cyrus, or country.  When they changed the music, the kids were annoyed.


I remember at my prom definite “grinding” but after 12 years, it has become incredibly worse.


I have thought about what to write in this post for almost a week now.  Honestly, I was horrified.  I am gonna be straight with you.  I was horrified on a few levels.


First and foremost, WHERE ARE THE PARENTS WHEN THE KIDS LEAVE THE HOUSE?????  I know that there were parents taking pictures of all these young women.  I know that parents footed the cash to buy all these dresses, but did they not see how incredibly degrading it was to their precious girls???  I honestly don’t know what the motivation to buy some of these dresses were by the parents.


My advice is to please be aware of what you sweet, precious, girl looks like before leaving your house.  As parents, it is our responsibility to protect our daughters virtue.  Sometimes, we must be the bad guys, no matter what the other girls are doing.  These dresses did NOT promote purity, they were a catalyst against it.


The good news???? We can help our girls be virtuous women!  We as teach them to respect themselves in a way that they can understand and in a way that will be effective.  Sometimes, the best teaching to our teen is to give them a hearty NO, and boundaries.


I counseled with a girl one time that was having serious issues with her parents who were trying to be her best friends.  They let her do just about whatever she wanted, and I will never forget what she told me. As we were discussing how she felt about the situation, she said, ” I wish they would just discipline me, and tell me no.”  “I keep waiting for it, but it never comes.”  I sat and thought as we ended our conversation, I began to recount the numerous girls I have talked to that desire to do the right thing, but their parents are not challenging them.  I know these past couple of paragraphs might not apply to you, but we must challenge our kids to virtue, otherwise what can we actually expect from them??





I love teen girls, they are smart, on the verge of their destiny, fresh, and teachable.  One thing I would like to say to the teen girls our there is what do you want to be known as?


Just because the crowd is doing something, doesn’t make it cool.  You my beautiful teen girls have the ability to be the one to stand up for something.  When we don’t go with the crowd, we often times become the leader that we know we can be.  I wished that I was witness to a young women standing up and saying at that prom that she was not going to allow her partner to dance dirty with her.  However, I didn’t see that.  You can be the one to set the stage at your prom.  Tell the rest of the crowd what you are by what you do.  Remember, prom only lasts a couple of hours, but the way you act could be with you your whole life.


I left prom that rainy night, and thought at Blush we have such a huge job to do.  Our young women are worth fighting for!  They are the future.  They are our future mothers, and grandmothers.  They will influence the next generation, and what they teach will be broadcast for generations to come!  We must stand up against the grade of culture and challenge them to virtue.


Proverbs 31:10 Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.

“Imperfect” PERFECTION

Isaiah 53:2


For He grew up before Him like a tender shoot, and like a root out of parched ground;



For a culture that is a perfection vacuum, Jesus would simply be overlooked.  Our world has adopted the obsession with what we believe to be perfection, and are striving hard for it.  We consume billions of diet pills, we put our families in debt to have the latest thing, we obsess over credentials, we look down on those who don’t look or talk a certain way, simply because we want the appearance of perfection.  But we know when we get a solemn moment with ourselves that we are FAR FROM IT.  This need for perfection does not come from the bible, nor does it come from God, it comes from the enemy.  Jesus according to Isaiah 53:2 would not win an Oscar or be featured in a magazine, He would be overlooked because of His lack of Physical perfection.


Isaiah 53:3


He was despised and forsaken of men, A man of sorrows and acquainted with grief; and like one from whom men hide their face He was despised, and WE DID NOT ESTEEM HIM.


Would we feel differently about this seemingly Imperfection if we knew what He would do for us?  Would we desire to know Him if we knew that He alone could take away the longing to perfection in our hearts?  Would we make different priorities if we knew Jesus was the only Answer to the void in our life that we are desperately trying to cram with material things? Would it matter  then?  Would it matter if HE DIED FOR YOU?  WOULD IT MATTER IF YOU KNEW YOU WERE FORGIVEN BECAUSE OF HIM?  WOULD IT MATTER IF YOU COULD QUIT WONDERING WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU WHEN YOU DIE?  WOULD IT MATTER IF HE COULD ENABLE YOU TO STOP PRETENDING TO BE PERFECT?? WOULD IT MATTER………


Isaiah 53:4-5

Read this slowly my beautiful friends….


Surely our griefs He Himself bore, and our sorrows He carried; yet we ourselves esteemed Him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted. BUT HE WAS PIERCED THROUGH FOR OUR TRANSGRESSIONS, HE WAS CRUSHED FOR OUR INIQUITIES; THE CHASTENING FOR WELL-BEING FELL UPON HIM, AND BY HIS SCOURGING WE ARE HEALED.


True PERFECTIONS NAME IS JESUS.  This Easter we will celebrate what Jesus did for us on the cross, and His resurrection from the dead, but do you realize the depth?  God sent His only Son to earth to die for your sin (John 3:16)!  That is how much God loves you!  He knows the yearning of your heart and knows that it can only be filled with a relationship with Him because He created you (Genesis 1:27).  Jesus never sinned, and was given in your stead.  Romans 3:23 says, all have sinned ( done wrong things) and fall short of the glory of God.  Because we have sinned, we need someone to save us from sin, and give us hope.  That is where a relationship with Jesus comes in.  Romans 8:28 says, but God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. Jesus, dying on the cross, took my sin and your sin upon Him, and enabled us to wipe the slate clean.  HE ALONE HAS THE ABILITY TO FORGIVE OUR SINS.


Truck with me here, have you ever done anything wrong? Yes, you have, and so have I.  Because of this, we need a Savior, so that guys name is Jesus.  All we have to do to become a Christian and have forgiveness is to simply ask Him for it and believe that God is Who He says He is by faith.


1 John 1:9 says, If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.


Wouldn’t it be nice to lose that guilty feeling you feel when you so something wrong?  Maybe you gossip way too much, or you sleep around, or you treat your husband like crap, and you feel guilty.

Great news– that sin is paid in full!  All you have to do it to ask The Almighty God to forgive you for your sins.  When you do this understanding His Power, He will come into your heart.


April 11, 1992, Easter sunday afternoon was the day that I realized my way was not cutting it.  That was the day that I made a commitment for God and ask Him to come into my heart and save me from my sin.  That was the day that I decided I didn’t and couldn’t live life without Him.  It changed my everything from that day forward.  It can change your too.


What perfection drives you?  The worlds view of perfection will only deepen the void, allow Jesus, the Name that is above every name to FILL THE VOID IN YOU HEART!


Happy Easter!