Gossip, what are we doing when we partake??

Gossip, what are we doing when we partake??

There were at least 8 of us in the room, the mood of the “bible study” had turned as sour as a lemon. Somehow we had gotten off the topic of whatever it was that we were studying in the bible, and began to gossip. The entire room knew better, we all were in “ministry” in some capacity. I sat for a couple of hours and took part in something I should have ran from, but the pull to get my 2 cents in won the battle of virtue. Although many years have past, I will forever remember what I was drinking, where I was sitting, and who we were discussing. The topic fails my memory, but the sting of sin I will not soon forget. We left that night appeasing our sense of pride, but as the drive home wore on, we were sickened by the destruction of our words.



What are we doing with our mouths? As women we are all drawn to the juicy details of someones failing life or relationship. Why do our ears all perk up when we hear someone misfortune or the avenue of their life is not promising. And above all ladies, why do we share it? Numerous times myself, I have felt the sting of hearing someone has been gossiping about me. Numerous times, wondering if the person who’s perception was negative about me knew me at all. Have you ever felt the sting? I know most of you probably have, so why, then, do we continue to bash our so-called


Galatians 5:15 says this,

But if you bite and devour one another, take care that you are not consumed by one another.


We are consuming each other. We are doing it, one juicy detail at a time. I know this is the cause for much pain in our female world today. We are killing our integrity with each whisper.


God says in Ephesians 4:29,

Let no corrupt word proceed our of your mouth, but what is good for necessary edification, that it may impart grace to the hearers.


I am struck by the example of Jesus. The Pharisee’s were so ticked at Jesus because He had the audacity and capacity to change the face of sin and redemption, and they didn’t like it. I can see them now in their fancy temple talking about what they would like to do to Him, and how they were going to do it, all the while looking for the Savior. I can hear them taunting Him behind His back after He healed on the Sabbath, or after the prostitute came in and washed Jesus’s feet with her hair. The “strength” that they derived from each others words put the very Savior they were looking for on that old rugged cross. Gossip creates the illusion of power by the perpetrator. It manufactures the idea that if the one it is shared with listens and agrees it is justified. Therefore, giving the practice an addictive nature. Satan wants nothing more for us to crucify each other behind their backs. He seeks only to steal, kill, and destroy. When we participate in gossip the righteousness that you may seek is stolen. Not to mention the slaying of respect to the victim. God speaks vividly and often about the fruit of our mouths. Are you imparting grace, or destruction?


I have thought about that night often. Why didn’t we stop the blood bath? We could have, but chose not too. After that night, my heart changed, God taught me a valuable lesson, NO PIECE OF GOSSIP IS WORTH THE DESTRUCTION IT CAUSES. I am not perfect, but committed. I ended up apologizing to a party involved, and have sense committed to not be apart of the poison. If you are not part of the problem or the solution it is gossip. Won’t you commit with me?

Healing from hurt!

Healing from hurt!

“You will be nothing but a waitress your whole life.” That phrase has bellowed in my ears some ten years after it was spewed from the mouth of a personality from my past. This individual was responsible for numerous hurts in my life. Hurts that no one should ever have to feel, hurts that have taken years and God’s mercy to overcome……. Recently, a question was posed to me that I thought interesting for the timing of it. The question was this, “Have you healed from your past?” Catching me off guard, I gave a yes, and then changed my answer to a no with a long explanation. After several days of thinking about it, I have come to the conclusion that, yes, I have healed, but the places in my heart are still tender. Sometimes when a harsh remark is made towards me or my family, it reaches that deep place in my soul, and through prayer and my God I am able to overcome the sting with grace. I have to admit, it has taken a very long time to reach the point of not giving my hurts from my past power in my present life. The urge is always to fight back or be defensive when my insecurity is breached, but I have learned where true healing resides, and my friends it is only with THE HEALER HIMSELF, GOD.


As I was thinking this week on the question I was asked, I began to notice that most of us that have lived any life at all have some kind of desperate hurt in our life. You can turn on any reality TV show and hear of the horrific stories that people have lived. You can meet a friend at Starbucks, and be blown away when an avenue of conversation ends up revealing a terrible hurt in their past. I have, at times, been completely blindsided when counseling with a woman to hear what she is trying to deal with in her life. We all have dealt with hurt. Some of us have brought it on ourself, and some of us have been hurt by no fault of our own. The bottom line is WE ALL NEED GOD TO HEAL OUR HURTS.


One of my most favorite verses from scripture is Matthew 9:35 and 36 it reads,


Jesus was going through all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom and HEALING EVERY KIND OF DISEASE AND EVERY KIND OF SICKNESS. Seeing the people, He felt compassion on them, because they were DISTRESSED and DISPIRITED like sheep without a Shepard.


I know that this might be a crazy passage to be considered one of my favorites, but I love the fact that Jesus went to individuals who were hurting for one reason or another and healed them. He felt a deep compassion because the people He saw were distressed and dispirited, so HE DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!


I don’t know what has been done to you, there maybe something that you are dealing with right now that you need healing from. Your situation could be someone who has said something about you, or maybe you were molested as a child, or maybe your husband is abusive, maybe your mom or dad has left you, maybe someone stole something valuable from you……. I don’t know what it is, but you might need healing. True Emotional, and mental healing doesn’t come from anyone other than CHRIST. I invite you today to deal with it, and cry out to the JEHOVAH RAPHA – THE LORD OUR HEALER and allow Him to work in your heart.


I am living proof that God can truly heal your heart from hurt, just ask Him..


Before I leave you, I wanted to give you a chance to do something that might help in the process of healing. A lot of my healing has come from sharing the things that I have gone through, and helping others with things they are struggling with. I want to invite you, to share a comment with me. I have been posting the comments that have been coming in on the Blog as regularly as I can, and if you feel comfortable with sharing your story, I would love to post it so if someone else reads it they might know that they aren’t alone in their journey. The knowledge that you are not alone, and hearing how someone else has handled it, has a healing power that I know God has used! Feel free to share, and I would love to help start that process with you!


This week has been quite the amazing one for my family. The Blush conference was a ten year prayer answered before my very eyes. The Blush conference coupled with a few other things that God has done for my family this week make me wonder, why do people not believe.


I sat behind stage Saturday awaiting my entrance to speak on “the significance of you.” Before I speak I always take a moment to worship my God. I was listening to the worship, the order of songs was powerful as the band sang about how God loves us, and His forgiveness. The realization that the Blush conference had in fact happened hit me like a tidal wave, and I was overcome with emotion. The emotion was not because of the music (although it was amazing), it was because of my faithful God and where we have come from.


I remember vividly the night that I knew God was my only chance of survival. It was 3am, and there I sat on the old blue couch that had some sort of tar on the arm that I used to pick at. I was married to a man that hated me (before Eddie). I had been called every name in the book and treated like trash. I was convinced that I made God so sick, that He wanted me dead. The thought scared me, after all I was 19. There I sat, knowing I was so miserable I couldn’t stand myself, Bible in hand, I flipped it open. Scared at what the page would read, I opened my eyes slowly, and asked God to show Himself to me. I don’t remember the particular passage, it was somewhere in Psalms, but I will never forget the words. “The righteous will have long life.” I dropped the Bible on the ground due to the shock that ran through my body.. I sat.. Stunned. Only God knew the terror that danced in my mind on a daily basis, only He knew the lie I believed, only He knew that those were the words I needed to regain HOPE. ONLY HE KNEW.

It was then, that very second, that I knew that God in fact loved me. It was then that my faith that I had professed so many years before became real. It suddenly was clear. God was my only hope.


As I sat in worship last saturday I recalled so many instances over the past 10 years that have challenged that very thing, HOPE. I recalled where my God and I have been, and when no one cared and no one wanted to listen, He always did. My faith in Him slowly developed, until He became my best Friend. I was overwhelmed as I took the journey in my mind and praised Him for His faithfulness to me. It was a sacred moment for me.


I have thought long and hard about this post. What do I say after one of the most amazing answers to prayer I have ever seen. What do I tell you? I decided to challenge you to believe. Not in religion, or the idea of the supernatural, but believe in the Hope found in Christ. HE is the one that has the answers, He is the one that has the ability to turn your situation around, He is the one that created you and is desperately begging and waiting for you to let Him in. He died for you. He rose again for you. He is the only HOPE. Why can I say all this????? Because I have experienced His salvation, and it is the only thing that brings HOPE!


I know very well the world tells us otherwise, we are so bombarded with anything and everything to fill our lives so busy that we try to forget our longing for something greater, that longing can only be filled with Christ! That is the very reason why I am where I am today, God is the only thing that filled my longing, and He is the only thing that will fill yours!


Romans 10:13 says it like this,

For whoever calls on the name of the Lord SHALL BE SAVED.


Are you ready to believe? Call Him out, and ask Him to forgive your sins, and save you. Then my beautiful friend you WILL GET YOUR HOPE.


You inspire me! Thanks for all your sweet words!

Extraordinary Mary

I am ordinary. That is my thought as I sit at my kitchen table today. I am ordinary. Yes, I may be ordinary, but I have extraordinary potential. What is it about women/girls that we never see our selves as God sees us? I often think when no one else is around, I am no one. I believe this is one of the lies that Satan would have us believe as self-conscious women, we cannot make a difference. As much as I believe I can do all with the power of Christ, in my most vulnerable moment I am tempted to believe what I do doesn’t make a difference on this world. When I rise from my pit of “self”, I remember the ordinary is almost always who God chooses to use!


This Christmas season as I celebrate with my precious family with food and crazy awesome gifts. One thing will not leave my mind. I believe that Satan used that very same mentality on Mary. Arguably one of the most famous passages in scripture, you see a scene with the virgin Mary and the angel Gabriel.


Luke 2:28-30


And coming in, he said to her, “Greetings, favored one! The Lord is with you.. But she was very perplexed at this statement, and kept pondering what kind of salutation this was. The angel said to her, Do not be afraid, Mary; for you have found favor with God.”


The thing that gets me about this passage is that she was not perplexed at the fact that the angel Gabriel was standing in front of her, she marveled at the SALUTATION. It begs in my mind was she struggling with the ORDINARY? Had she resigned herself to a mundane life that is full of routine, and tasks that would not matter in 5 days much less 5 decades??? Had Satan began to plague her mind too? No doubt she had heard the stories of the GREATS of the faith such as Moses leading God’s people through amazing circumstances to the Promised land, I am sure Noah and the ark was one story that she was told at bedtime much like I tell my children. Did Mary in that Moment question her SIGNIFICANCE? After all, she was human, just like you, and just like me.


I wonder what kind of a message she would give at a women’s conference today? I don’t think she would have any part of the sessions on “how to make your garden grow” or “how to make a mansion from pop sickle sticks.” I think she would be passionate about the FACT THAT ALTHOUGH WE WERE BORN SEEMINGLY ORDINARY, WE WERE CREATED FOR THE EXTRAORDINARY!!!!!!!


I wonder how many of us women think of our selves capable of great things? When God looks at us He sees our potential, could it be that Satan is blinding us from it?


My prayer is that we adopt the idea that we were created for PURPOSE, just like Mary. Let’s embrace our gifts, and ask God to reveal our potential!!


I love you amazing woman! Thank you for reading my Blog!! It is one thing that brings me so much joy!! I have received so many emails and comments, and am so glad that you are enjoying it! I have gotten numerous requests for videos and pictures and such, and I will begin doing that at the beginning of the year after the Blush conference!



Merry Christmas! Celebrate our King!