This generation is desperate for guidance, wisdom, and the gospel! | The Autumn Miles Show

We have a high school teacher, Heather Carey and college students, Janine, Sami, and Rachel on the show all giving their inside perspective on the needs of the generation, and the issues facing high school students today.

Social Media and it’s effect on this generation from the perspective of three millennials. | The Autumn Miles Show

We have three collage age girls on the show giving valuable insight into social media and today’s generation, and also the effect social media has on the inner walls of High School.

Students need to know that their value is in Christ first! | The Autumn Miles Show

Heather Carey joins the show sharing her perspective as a High School English Teacher, on the true needs of teenagers and how parents can better be a support to their students. 

Jesus doesn’t need us to defend Him! | The Autumn Miles Show

This week we are focusing on Pastors, and their perspective on The Church today. Melanie Forsythe, is a pastor in Ohio, and she is talking with us about the power of the Gospel and how the church can create barriers to the Gospel that don’t need to be there.