January Newsletter

A Note from My Quiet Time

Hey, Hey!
I want to take a minute to say thank you. Each of you have faithfully supported what we do here at Autumn Miles ministries. We proclaim Bold Truth and Raw Faith because of you! Our mission to spiritually challenge the way people think has been one that we have fought for now for eight years. Each year God has allowed us to inhabit a larger piece of our promise land. Little by little our ministry has grown and we have seen God do the miraculous.
As we look at 2018 with eyes of promise and great vision, I want to take this special opportunity to thank God for what He has done for us in 2017. Our team began 2017 with a very special word from the Lord to crown our year, that word was clear, “the rain is coming.”
This word was taken directly out of 1 Kings 18:41 when Elijah says, “for there is the roar of a heavy shower.” The rain came for Elijah and in the way only God can, the rain came for us.
In 2016 we were amazed when the analytics came in that we reached approximately 18 million people for the year. We sat shocked in December of 2016 thinking to ourselves “Wow, God, you have done wonders amongst us without us even knowing”. In January of 2017, when God spoke so clearly to me, “the rain is coming.” I began to prepare myself and our team for the rain. Knowing that God, once again, would do wonders amongst us.
In February of 2017 God allowed me a partnership with Lifeway to do a study with pastors on Domestic Violence and the church. This study was a huge success and we were able to share with the world through media the need for the churches to put a plan in place to protect domestic violence victims. In June of 2017 it was clear that God was calling us to operate under a new identity. We had the same vision, but a different name. Autumn Miles Ministries officially became our new identity. In July, God allowed us the opportunity to do a daily show on the Word 100.7FM in Dallas, Texas which is the 5th largest radio market in the country. The show took off in the 3:30pm time slot and has given way to many live shows and remote shows which have proven to be very successful. In July, I was also given the opportunity to partner with Faithwire and write Christian oped’s for them once a week. And perhaps the biggest victory of all of 2017 was signing a book deal with Worthy publishing to publish my second book, “I am Rahab.” While all of the above new opportunities were taking place, we were also continuing business as usual having monthly society meetings all across the country, keeping our social media presence strong as well as offering my voice to other media outlets. When all was said and done, in December we were able to measure through different analytical programs our reach for 2017. The results made us all speechless and, quite frankly, caught us off guard.
In 2017 our estimated reach was 37.5 million people.
This number includes 2,484,042 video views on facebook.
It also includes 6,480,000 listeners for the daily radio show.
These numbers coupled with social media numbers, podcast numbers and other media outlets, pushed us to 37.5 million.
When I shared these with our team, we all sat silent. The rain most definitely came and poured on us. These numbers had doubled since 2016. We all praised the Lord for what He had done. He is truly the God of miracles.

We look to 2018 with eyes of hope, asking, begging, believing God to do even more amongst us. Thank you for being a part and supporting us. You have no idea what it means to us. Please pray for us this year as God continues to work through us!


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How God is Working

From its relaunch in September to finishing the year of 2017, our team has had the privilege of watching God grow Dallas Society. We are always excited to see God grow the number of attendees each month, but the true growth we are most excited to witness is in those who attend. Many of the women who attend Dallas Society come in with walls up and a little guarded, not wanting to really share their brokenness, hurt, or trial. Our team has the privilege of watching God knockdown these walls and grow each individual personally. We see God growing these women in courage as they share their vulnerabilities with everyone, in healing from the pain or guilt they carried around for so long, and watching their relationship with God grow each month. Our team absolutely loves watching God grow the friendships that take place throughout Society. We love seeing the women come back each month chatting away with someone, laughing, hugging and exchanging phone numbers throughout the evening. We are filled with anticipation and excitement for Dallas Society and those who attend as we believe God is going to continue to grow us this individually this next year!



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Let There Be Light – Week 1

Happy New Year

A new year brings promise and opportunity. Consider the resoltions that God has for you this year rather than your own.