Extraordinary Mary

I am ordinary. That is my thought as I sit at my kitchen table today. I am ordinary. Yes, I may be ordinary, but I have extraordinary potential. What is it about women/girls that we never see our selves as God sees us? I often think when no one else is around, I am no one. I believe this is one of the lies that Satan would have us believe as self-conscious women, we cannot make a difference. As much as I believe I can do all with the power of Christ, in my most vulnerable moment I am tempted to believe what I do doesn’t make a difference on this world. When I rise from my pit of “self”, I remember the ordinary is almost always who God chooses to use!


This Christmas season as I celebrate with my precious family with food and crazy awesome gifts. One thing will not leave my mind. I believe that Satan used that very same mentality on Mary. Arguably one of the most famous passages in scripture, you see a scene with the virgin Mary and the angel Gabriel.


Luke 2:28-30


And coming in, he said to her, “Greetings, favored one! The Lord is with you.. But she was very perplexed at this statement, and kept pondering what kind of salutation this was. The angel said to her, Do not be afraid, Mary; for you have found favor with God.”


The thing that gets me about this passage is that she was not perplexed at the fact that the angel Gabriel was standing in front of her, she marveled at the SALUTATION. It begs in my mind was she struggling with the ORDINARY? Had she resigned herself to a mundane life that is full of routine, and tasks that would not matter in 5 days much less 5 decades??? Had Satan began to plague her mind too? No doubt she had heard the stories of the GREATS of the faith such as Moses leading God’s people through amazing circumstances to the Promised land, I am sure Noah and the ark was one story that she was told at bedtime much like I tell my children. Did Mary in that Moment question her SIGNIFICANCE? After all, she was human, just like you, and just like me.


I wonder what kind of a message she would give at a women’s conference today? I don’t think she would have any part of the sessions on “how to make your garden grow” or “how to make a mansion from pop sickle sticks.” I think she would be passionate about the FACT THAT ALTHOUGH WE WERE BORN SEEMINGLY ORDINARY, WE WERE CREATED FOR THE EXTRAORDINARY!!!!!!!


I wonder how many of us women think of our selves capable of great things? When God looks at us He sees our potential, could it be that Satan is blinding us from it?


My prayer is that we adopt the idea that we were created for PURPOSE, just like Mary. Let’s embrace our gifts, and ask God to reveal our potential!!


I love you amazing woman! Thank you for reading my Blog!! It is one thing that brings me so much joy!! I have received so many emails and comments, and am so glad that you are enjoying it! I have gotten numerous requests for videos and pictures and such, and I will begin doing that at the beginning of the year after the Blush conference!



Merry Christmas! Celebrate our King!