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Our society our world and our culture disrespects the one step. We look at the final picture of where we think were supposed to be but if were no there in two days then we completely throw out huge vision that God has promised us because of the frustration of not knowing the next step. The bible talks more about steps then it does about the big picture. For instance:

Psalm 37: 23 & 24

“The steps of a man are established by the Lord,
when he delights in his way;
 though he falls, he shall not be cast headlong,
for the Lord upholds his hand.”


The steps will lead to the vision of what God wants you to do. Nothing is insignificant to God. Not even the tiniest minute detail. In building a house there are a million little details from laying the mortar for the bricks in the walls to the wood planks in the floor, it all adds up and comes together to one day become a home. Draw back with me from the grand vision for a second and see that steps done Gods way get us to that vision. STEPS!!! Don’t give up on that vision but realize the importance in the little steps. I know I would have loved to hear this kind of thing fifteen years ago because I’m understanding now that every step prepared me for where I am now and every step, I’m taking now is preparing me for where He is taking me.

Trust the God that has established the steps of a righteous man. It’s okay to look at the vision, it’s your motivator, but understand that the vision is going to come with steps that don’t always make sense. Submit to the lord for the first step and then the next and the next, and then you’ll look back and see how far He has brought you. Your responsibility is not in making the big picture happen, it’s in trusting Him for the next step. It’s in praying to Him and simply asking ‘God, what’s the next step?’



Society groups are a huge part of what we do here at Autumn Miles Ministries. It’s a way for our ministry to feel not so far away by being in your homes. Here at AMM, we aim to speak in bold truth and challenge others to act in raw faith. If this at all interests you, we ask you to seriously pray over being a part of our Summer Society Groups as a leader, or by joining one in your area.

If you’re Intrested in hosting a society group, please check it out!



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