Do Not Give Up, God will Fulfill His Promises

Hold on. Do not give up. God will fulfill His promise! 
When we take a look at the Israelites, we can see a time where they had a hard time during the delay. 
“I am the Lord your God, who rescued you from the land of Egypt, the place of your slavery.” Exodus 20:23 
This was right after the Red sea had parted and God saved them. God provided for them! No doubt that
God was there for them. God immediately reminded them that HE saved them.
Then he tells them to not have any other Gods before Him. We can  jump all the way to Exodus 32 where we see the Israelites construct a calf to worship, because there was a delay with Moses. The moment there was a delay, they started to panic. So they completely turned their attention away from the God who saved them, and to sin.  We learn from the Israelites that when there is a delay there is a temptation to forsake the thing you are waiting for from the Lord.  
When God promises you something, and you are on hold, we at time begin to decided if this is truly a promise, and there is temptation to give that up. 
  1. DONT forsake during the delay 
  2. When there is a delay understand God is working for your behalf! 
Even if you do not see what God is doing he is active behind the scenes! He is there, He will fulfill His promise. 
Stay the course. 
Do not be like the children of Israel.