The beauty of the White hair


Last night Eddie and I were invited to a dinner at the church. It was a fancy affair. We sat at a table in back knowing we needed to leave a little bit early to pick up the kiddos. Our table was full with us, and three couple in their mid eighties. It was fun when they realized our age to hear that I was born when most of them were in their fifties. It started with small talk just interchanging how many kids we had and their ages. Near the end of the night it turned into so much more. As we listened to them tell the stories about Dallas from days gone by, I found myself on the edge of my seat. Each one of them were interjecting jokes and laughing about their age. Something in their spirit left me wanting to know more. These men and women had lived their lives serving the Lord and had raised kids who are raising their kids with the same convictions. I found myself wanting to be their friends and wondering what was their secret. As we got up to leave, I saw the scope of the room sprinkled with white heads of hair and set hairstyles, and I began to think……..will my generation carry the torch? This dinner was a dinner that was set aside for the prayer partners at our church. Prayer partners who have committed to hold up the pastor and staff in prayer. These men and women selflessly regularly pray for us. The thought in my mind was chilling as we walked out. Is my generation going to do the same, or are we too caught up in the glitz and glamor of the next new book or new thing to implement in ministry. The fact is NO SPIRITUAL growth comes from lack of prayer. You may see an increase in your numbers as a church, but true spiritual growth is from the Lord. The fact is I don’t see too many prayer groups like this any more. It challenged me. As Eddie and I were driving home, we discussed that as we were sitting at our table we were both overcome with emotion for our peers.


We, my sweet friends, are the future. The future of our kids rests in the hands of those that will take the baton and run. We must maintain this foundation that has been paved before us by these aged men and women. We must not be too busy to call on the name of the Lord for our country and our churches. We must understand if we don’t, who will……..


I challenge you to start spending time in prayer. Even if it’s 10 minutes a day. Prayer changes things……. Trust me I have seen miracles.


Ephesians 6:18a praying always with all prayer and supplication in the spirit.


Won’t you carry the torch?