Whatever you’re going through, there is SAFETY in the refuge of the Lord. YOU have a place of refuge, and it’s the Lord.

Psalm 57:1

1Be gracious to me, O God, be gracious and merciful to me,
For my soul finds shelter and safety in You,
And in the shadow of Your wings I will take refuge and be confidently secure
Until destruction passes by.”

This psalm was written when David was running from King Saul who was trying to kill him. He was running from Saul and was hiding in a cave; that is when David wrote this psalm.

I want to talk to the one out there today who has DESTRUCTION coming against you. I want you to look at the Lord as a CAVE, something you can go in and hide from destruction. Maybe there is a raging storm in your life that represents a major trial and you are getting battered by the wind and by the lightening – go into that cave and SEEK REFUGE TODAY IN THE LORD!!!! That’s what David did when Saul was seeking his life.

God IS a place of refuge for us; He tells us that multiple times throughout Scripture!!!! Even when it feels like you don’t have anyone and even when it looks hopeless for you, there is a place of refuge for YOU!!!! The Lord is a refuge from what is coming against you. His name is Jesus. HE IS YOUR REFUGE!!!!!

There have been times in my life where it seems as if I had no allies, but the Lord was (and always is) my place of refuge until destruction passes by. Make Him your place of refuge, of safety, of security, your CAVE OF COMFORT, until whatever it is coming against you moves past you.

I love you guys; I hope this encourages you today!