What’s your attitude toward church????

I ask you this, what is your attitude toward church?


There I sat in my favorite Dallas nail salon desperately craving the filing and polishing that were happening to all twenty of my digits, when I began to overhear a conversation about church. Of course being very interested in the topic, I couldn’t help but do a little eavesdropping. I sat amazed by the attitude toward the topic. There was an older mother that was the instigator of the dialogue, and she was speaking to a younger, 20 something woman. The older asked the younger if she was going to attend church on Sunday. The younger sighed and said her husband was trying to get her to go. Shortly after the sigh she added, “I guess I’ll go.” I sat there engrossed in that thought. I repeated that phrase in my mind over and over. My mind wondered from the conversation and I began thinking, when all of a sudden I heard from the older lady, “you should go, at least you’ll be able to break bread.” “Break bread,” what the heck is that all about. In the context of the conversation, the older woman was insinuating that she could punch her church card. I was stunned. I wasn’t stunned that this happens every week, but that this woman had the gaul to say it out loudly in a public place where many people were sitting silently listening.


I have to tell you, I began to get mad. I was mad at so many things…..

One of many was the attitude toward the institution, church was designed to be a place where we encourage each other in the faith, and tell each other things that God has done in our lives to uplift the body of Christ. The second was the idea of going to punch a church card, and to get the deed over with for the week. If you are going to say you went, why are you going? Has church become a such a glorified country club, that we don’t even go because we want too? Another attitude that was presented with the conversation, was a “what’s in it for me” mentality. The younger woman wasn’t even going to go to church, but the older said that their was going to be a carnival of sorts for her children. It was only then that the younger woman decided to attend. Whatever happened sweet, beautiful women to going and SERVING?????? Are we so consumed with what the church can provide for us that we won’t even go unless they have a circus for our children, or (dare I say) a circus for us?


I began to grieve. I beg you to evaluate your hearts toward church. Attend a church that isn’t stale, and doesn’t breed this idea that God is some shape or form is boring. Attend a church sweet ladies, that doesn’t do everything for you. How are we going to serve the way Jesus served us if everything is handed to us. Church isn’t supposed to be entertainment, that what a theater is for, NOT A CHURCH. You have been given a spiritual gift that the body of Christ needs. There is a ministry at the church that you attend that needs your help, they need the gift that God has given you. It is so fulfilling to serve other people!


Lastly, sweet woman, is that God is worth learning more about. He is the most amazing, wonderful, caring, faithful Father you could ever imagine. Church is not about us, it’s about going deeper with Him.