Are you a control freak?

Isaiah 55:8-9


For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are you ways My ways, says the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.



I have been blessed with two amazing siblings.  My sister is 17 months my senior and my brother is 17 months my junior.  Yes, I am the middle child, and I have always loved it.  I love them like crazy, and although I live at least 1000 miles from both of them I make sure I talk to them regularly.


I have been praying for their mates for years.  I have always known that each of them would require the most elite individual.  Sub-par would not do for either.  I knew that whoever God’s select would come to us with glaring positive qualities that both would need.  My prayer for each of them has always been, I know Lord their mate won’t be perfect, but make them perfect for them.  It has been my desire for them experience happiness and as much fulfillment in a mate that I have experienced with my Eddie.


I won’t soon forget the call, it was my brother David some 4 years ago.  He began the call with the following, “Um, there was this blonde girl at church, and she was hot….”

Long story short, almost a year later they were saying their I do’s.


I have admired my sister-in-law Amanda since the first day I met her.  She is strikingly beautiful, she wears her hair long and blonde, she is perfectly petite, and her big blue eyes always tell her story.  Yet, her outward appearance has nothing to do my admiration for her.  She is a strong woman, young in age, but not in intelligence.  She speaks very articulately on subjects that would put the middle aged to shame.  Her kindness and willingness to accept a challenge head on make her the ruby the Proverbs speak of.  She is gracious, and displays a quiet strength. Over the past few years, I have seen her grow in her relationship with Christ dramatically.


Last summer we did a family vacation together, and I had some amazing time with Amanda.  I remember distinctly sitting in our multi-colored beach chairs discussing the woes in our life at that time.  Her’s was her job.  She was ready to get out.  She felt trapped in a dead end occupation that ultimately would not do anything for the cause of Christ.  She had had this particular job for a while, and although it paid the bills, it did nothing more.  (Resonating with you today?)  She had asked God over and over to move and to give her a new job.  God was silent.  She even sent her resume out and received little.  The silence from Him was frustrating to her. (As it is with us all.)  I did my best to encourage her, but I left the beach last year knowing that my sister Amanda was wresting with God, because God has something greater.


We saw her at Christmas, and something was different in her demeanor.  When the conversation of her job was brought up, the response was different, softer even.  It was almost like I could see Gods work in front of me.  Her prayers had not changed her situation, her very prayers had changed her.


I got a call last week from her that she had a job interview at a very promising place.  She asked me to pray for her, and my advice on taking the new job.  Because of their circumstances, I advised against it, but felt God was moving in her.  After a couple of interviews, she got offered the job.  One year ago, she would of jumped at the chance to rid herself of her circumstances, but sitting where she sat last week, lightyears further spiritually, she declined the job.  She denied herself comfortability, because she knew that God was capable of greater.


Women, we have such a tendency to pray, and when God doesn’t work, we work for Him.  Women, lets just admit it, we are control freaks.  I am.  It’s something that I think God has tried to beat out of me for years.  It is so hard not to jump ahead of God when we think we know what He should do.  The problem is that His ways are so much higher than ours.  When we act on His behalf we prevent God from moving on His.  We cripple Gods plan because we want our own agenda.  The result might mean a small release of pressure at the time, but God’s ultimate plan for us is breached.  Hear me today when I say, His ways are higher than yours.  Wait, sweet woman, on Him.  He has not forgotten.


The day after Amanda denied herself, God moved.  Without going into too much detail, God has made it possible for her to quit her job completely in a few short months.  God was teaching her, much like He wants to teach us; when you wait on Him, He blesses.

Use Amanda as an example and take your hand off the wheel, and let God steer.