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The dismissal of God? HA!

It amazes me that in our humanity some think that God actually abides by our laws.  We believe that God was dismissed from our schools and social events just because we say that He is not welcome. Some believe that just because we have a judicial negative stance on religion or Jesus that God in […]

The Word

The smell of Barnes and Noble always get me.  As I walk through the giant double doors I and am captivated by the brilliance of so many different things.  I always first recognize the aroma of freshly printed penned pieces of the intellectual world screaming at me for attention.  The smell lingers during my entire […]

What’s stealing your focus?

A couple of weeks ago my family and I drove out to the most awesome mexican food restaurant just about 15 minutes from our house.  Although it was late in the evening the craving for the fajitas and enchiladas from this specific place could not be ignored.  We sat and ate by a huge window, […]