Relentlessly Pursuing God with Passion and Great Expectation

If you want positive results from prayer, you first need to pray! But so many people who say they believe in the power of prayer actually pray very little . . . or not at all. It’s time to get serious about prayer. Autumn Miles says that we must stop being prayer wimps and instead be transformed into “prayer gangsters”-people who are dangerously passionate about their faith and loyalty to God.

Autumn Miles had reached a point in her life where she was sick of hearing about answered prayers in other people’s lives but not seeing any in her own. Having grown up in the church as a pastor’s kid, she knew how to pray using certain words in just the right style that impressed those around her, but her prayers did nothing to draw her closer to God and what He wanted to do in and through her life. Prayer was a dead language in her life, yet she was desperate to see answers to her prayers. Frustrated with God, she had an epiphany that her prayer life had a foundation of doubt and not faith, which changed the focus and purpose of her prayers.

Autumn believes that God wants to give us so much more than what we’ve been settling for. It’s time our prayer life, which has been mediocre at best, becomes something that is more fervent, more intentional, and highly expectant of seeing God answer prayers and work in our lives every single day. GANGSTER PRAYER won’t teach you how to pray, because that has distracted the church long enough. Instead, it will help reveal the heart behind a believing prayer and put the focus back on who we are praying to instead of on what we are praying for. With a changed perspective and objective, we can finally see the results from prayer we’ve been longing for-not just answers but a changed life.

The Autumn Miles Show: Gangster Prayer 

The Heart Behind “Gangster Prayer.” 

How Satan Attacks Prayer 

The Disrespected Yes

The Gethsemane Prayer

Myths About Prayer


Shane Pruitt

“Isn’t it sad how extremely passionate some people can be for a lie, while at the same time, us Christians can be extremely lazy with the truth? That is why Gangster Prayer by my friend, Autumn Miles, is such a timely message. Read this book. Be encouraged by it. Be challenged by it. Then, share it with someone else.”

– Shane Pruitt, author of 9 Common Lies Christians Believe

Eliza Griswold

“In GANGSTER PRAYER, Autumn Miles brings her extraordinary combination of moxie and devotion to the page to guide her readers through the most challenging questions of their lives. It is an engaging and heartfelt project that is both warm and encouraging–and fiercely uncompromising.”

– Eliza Griswold, writer for The New Yorker and Pulitzer Prize winning author of, Amity and Prosperity

Susannah B. Lewis

“What a wakeup call! Autumn’s book challenged me to drop to my knees and reclaim my prayer life– to take it seriously again and recognize the importance of it.”

– Susannah B. Lewis, author of Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Real Talk Kim

“Gangster Prayer…. what a book! I am so pumped for the world to read this book! It is a convicting read that will draw you into the presence of God! This book makes PRAYER exciting! Happy Read!”

 Real Talk Kim, speaker and pastor of Church of the Harvest in Georgia

Carmen LaBerge

“This book should come with a warning label. Do I pray with expectancy? Do I pray anticipating God to show up and show off? Do I pray with the power and under the conviction of the Holy Spirit of the living God? Do I pray believing that with God ALL THINGS really are possible? After reading Gangster Prayer, I am praying differently.”

– Carmen LaBerge, speaker, author, radio host, blogs at

Dorena Williamson

“By calling out the lies and reinforcing God’s beautiful truth, Autumn lovingly stirs us to rise up, cry out, and look forward with great expectation to what God can do when His people boldly pray!”

– Dorena Williamson, speaking and author of ColorFull and ThoughtFull

Lisa Kratz Thomas

“Autumn Miles has done it again! With genuine authenticity “Gangster Prayer” both challenges and encourages us to go, via prayer, into a deeper more committed level of loyalty with God.  This isn’t just a “catch phrase” book; it lays out concepts of realistic, living prayer. My prayer life has been rejuvenated!!!”

– Lisa Kratz Thomas, speaker and author of Light In Our Darkness

Dr. Monica Rose Brennan

“She illustrates with great authenticity the power of prayer when truly embraced.  Gangster Prayer will deepen anyone’s walk with the Lord, as well as, encourage prayer warriors never to give up.”

– Dr. Monica Rose Brennan, Associate Professor & Director of Women’s Leadership at Liberty University

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