This week has been quite the amazing one for my family. The Blush conference was a ten year prayer answered before my very eyes. The Blush conference coupled with a few other things that God has done for my family this week make me wonder, why do people not believe.


I sat behind stage Saturday awaiting my entrance to speak on “the significance of you.” Before I speak I always take a moment to worship my God. I was listening to the worship, the order of songs was powerful as the band sang about how God loves us, and His forgiveness. The realization that the Blush conference had in fact happened hit me like a tidal wave, and I was overcome with emotion. The emotion was not because of the music (although it was amazing), it was because of my faithful God and where we have come from.


I remember vividly the night that I knew God was my only chance of survival. It was 3am, and there I sat on the old blue couch that had some sort of tar on the arm that I used to pick at. I was married to a man that hated me (before Eddie). I had been called every name in the book and treated like trash. I was convinced that I made God so sick, that He wanted me dead. The thought scared me, after all I was 19. There I sat, knowing I was so miserable I couldn’t stand myself, Bible in hand, I flipped it open. Scared at what the page would read, I opened my eyes slowly, and asked God to show Himself to me. I don’t remember the particular passage, it was somewhere in Psalms, but I will never forget the words. “The righteous will have long life.” I dropped the Bible on the ground due to the shock that ran through my body.. I sat.. Stunned. Only God knew the terror that danced in my mind on a daily basis, only He knew the lie I believed, only He knew that those were the words I needed to regain HOPE. ONLY HE KNEW.

It was then, that very second, that I knew that God in fact loved me. It was then that my faith that I had professed so many years before became real. It suddenly was clear. God was my only hope.


As I sat in worship last saturday I recalled so many instances over the past 10 years that have challenged that very thing, HOPE. I recalled where my God and I have been, and when no one cared and no one wanted to listen, He always did. My faith in Him slowly developed, until He became my best Friend. I was overwhelmed as I took the journey in my mind and praised Him for His faithfulness to me. It was a sacred moment for me.


I have thought long and hard about this post. What do I say after one of the most amazing answers to prayer I have ever seen. What do I tell you? I decided to challenge you to believe. Not in religion, or the idea of the supernatural, but believe in the Hope found in Christ. HE is the one that has the answers, He is the one that has the ability to turn your situation around, He is the one that created you and is desperately begging and waiting for you to let Him in. He died for you. He rose again for you. He is the only HOPE. Why can I say all this????? Because I have experienced His salvation, and it is the only thing that brings HOPE!


I know very well the world tells us otherwise, we are so bombarded with anything and everything to fill our lives so busy that we try to forget our longing for something greater, that longing can only be filled with Christ! That is the very reason why I am where I am today, God is the only thing that filled my longing, and He is the only thing that will fill yours!


Romans 10:13 says it like this,

For whoever calls on the name of the Lord SHALL BE SAVED.


Are you ready to believe? Call Him out, and ask Him to forgive your sins, and save you. Then my beautiful friend you WILL GET YOUR HOPE.


You inspire me! Thanks for all your sweet words!