I must first start off today saying that I am a fan of American Idol. Eddie and I watch it every week, and are inspired by the entire show.  I have learned to love J Lo, and Steven Tyler in a way that I never used too.  It’s been a great season this year, however we were shocked last week to see one of our faves, James, voted off.  We were convinced he would wear the ever coveted American Idol crown.


I watched last week the mentor of the week, Lady GaGa.  What can I say about her other than, she is lost.  Her theatrics of wearing incredibly crazy getup appeals to who??  Shock factor does attract our youth, but why?  What does she really look like anyway?  Don’t you think for once it would be great just to see her real face and hair?  What a chore to constantly feel like you have to act or look like something crazy to be accepted.

I watched her “mentor” the contestants thinking she needed mentoring herself.  Has anyone told her God loves her without all of it?  Unfortunately, money speaks in this world louder than God.  Money is the hierarchy on which this world aspires.  Money talks.


Artist like these are the reason our awesome teens are not content with themselves, or adults for that matter.  They feel like they are not cool unless they do something crazy, or be something that they are not comfortable being to gain the approval of men.


I used to be this person.  I was constantly controlled by what others think of who I am, never being satisfied with who I was. I wore the mask.  Rather than being thankful for what I had been given, I wanted to alter who I was to fit the mold of society.  This action made me completely miserable.  People made fun of me for being prissy growing up (and still do) so I acted like I wasn’t.  People made fun of me for being loud, so I acted like I wasn’t.  I wanted to be conformed to the image of this world.  I had no idea that the problem and the reason I was miserable it that I needed to transform my mind.


Romans 12:2

And do not be conformed to this world, but be TRANSFORMED by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.


There was a moment that I needed to transform my mind.  It took a HUGE action on my part!!  I had the capability, but never used the Holy Spirits power in my life.  I was living a lie because I didn’t choose to live otherwise.  If you are a Christian today, you have the option of being at peace with yourself, and who you are, but allowing God to dominate your mind is the only way.  I think a lot of women that are Christians out there have no idea that even though they are Christians they have to accept themselves by transforming their minds and thinking of themselves like God thinks of them NOT THE INFLUENCES OF THE WORLD.


Are you miserable today?  Are you trying to be something you aren’t?  God has so much more for you than this world or it’s influences could ever offer.  Start today transforming your mind.  Take it day by day.  Memorize Romans 12:2, and see what God will do with you!!